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Governing Body

What do the School Governors do?

  • Determine, with the headteacher and Local Authority, the aims and policies of the school.

  • To agree targets and priorities to continually improve the school.

  • To monitor progress against the targets.

  • To act as a "critical friend" to the headteacher providing support and challenge as appropriate.


We have a legal responsibility to:-

  • Ensure that the National Curriculum is followed.

  • Approve the school budget.

  • Monitor the condition of the school buildings and grounds.

  • Ensure that Special Educational Needs are met.

  • Prepare a School Prospectus for parents.


To do our job, we are split into several committees. Each feeds into a full meeting of the Governing Body each term. There are also other committees that meet from time to time to cover a specific task - the setting and review of the Head's performance targets for example.

There are several categories of governor, appointed by different bodies that have an interest in the school. These are Community governor, the Local Authority (LA), Parents and Staff. All governors have equal status, however they were appointed.

Governors and the Clerk mostly carry out their duties during evening meetings and may attend training sessions and seminars to help them do their job effectively.


Structure of the Governing Body

The Governing Body consists of:

2 parent governors

1 Local Authority governor

1 staff governor

The Headteacher

8 co-opted governors

There are 13 governors in total.


Who are the Governors?

Kathy Nichol, Head Teacher
Ann Harris, Chair of Governors
Chris Steiger, LA Governor
Trevor Langston
Ed Griffen
Caitlin Farrow
Diane Milne
Susanne Tidswell
Matt Cooper
Jayme Hodgkinson

Michael Warren


Pecuniary interests/terms of office

Mrs Ann Harris - Chair of Governors (co-opted governor). Special responsibility for writing.  Term of office 4yrs from 27/1/2015 to 26/1/19. Pecuniary interests:  Friend of Neil Gunn, GVO
Mrs Kathy Nichol - Headteacher (staff governor). Term of office from 1/9/10. Pecuniary interests: Friend/old school teacher, Mary Kirkparick of Margin Music.
Mr Ed Griffen - Deputy Chair (co-opted governor). Term of office 4 yrs from 27/1/15 to 26/1/19. No pecuniary interests.
Mr Trevor Langston - Co-opted governor. Special responsibility for Pupil Premium. Term of office 4 yrs from 27/1/15 to 26/1/19. Pecuniary interests: Julie Langston (wife) is Teaching Assistant at Puss Bank.  Governor at Tytherington School.
Mrs Diane Milne - Co-opted governor. Term of office 4 yrs from 27/1/15 to 26/1/19. Special responsibility for safeguarding & for reading. No pecuniary interests.
Mr Chris Steiger - LA governor.  Term of office 4 yrs from 8/2/14 - 7/2/18. No pecuniary interests.
Mrs Susanne Tidswell - Parent governor. Term of office 4yrs from 8/11/13 to 7/11/17. Special responsibility for Nursery. No pecuniary interests.
Ms Caitlin Farrow - Staff governor. Term of office 4yrs from 14/10/14 to 13/10/18. No pecuniary interests.
Mrs Jayme Hodgkinson - Parent governor. Term of office 4yrs from 8/2/16 to 7/2/20. Special responsibility for SEND. No pecuniary interests.
Mr Matthew Cooper - Co-opted governor. Term of office 4yrs from 8/2/16 to 7/2/20. Special responsiblity for health and safety. No pecuniary interests.

Mr Michael Warren - Co-opted governor. Term of office 4 yrs from 15/05/17 to 14/05/21.


If you wish to know more, please contact us care of the school office.

Instrument of Governance

Annual Statement of Governance