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Cheshire East Borough Council Notice:

'In light of the High Court ruling on Friday 13th May 2016 re fining/prosecuting parents for taking children on holiday during term time, the Council is reviewing its practice with regards to the issuing of Penalty Notices for term time holiday absence as a matter of priority and is seeking urgent guidance from the DfE.’


We will update this as and when we receive further information from Cheshire East Borough Council.

Did you know?
"5 minutes late each day means three whole days lost each year
17 days missed from school each year equates to a whole GCSE grade.
Attendance affects learning, future earning, wellbeing and a sense of belonging.
The way that schools function today means that even if a child misses one or two days s/he may miss out on key learning and find it difficult to ‘pick up’ from where the other children are due to missing the teaching input and the build up. Certainly if a child is absent for a week s/he will miss a unit of English and Maths"


At Puss Bank School we recognise the importance of regular and punctual school attendance and how this impacts on the continuity and progression of every child's development. We work closely with parents and the wider school community to support children and families. You are encouraged to seek assistance by talking to your child's class teacher if you have concerns about your child's attendance.


Attendance and punctuality are monitored regularly so that we can identify attendance problems and offer assistance where necessary to those families. We recognise those children who have 100% attendance by awarding badges and on a weekly basis we report on the classes with the best attendance in each Key Stage.


It is recognised that there are exceptional circumstances that can impact on a child's attendance and we encourage families to keep the school informed in such situations. Details on our  term time holidays can be found by clicking on the links below

Term Dates- Sep 2016 - Aug 2017 / Sep 2017 - Aug 2018