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Puss Bank Out of School Club

The majority of parents who send their children to Out of School Club are working parents, who need a reliable and flexible child care facility. It is Puss Banks Out of School Clubs aim to provide a safe and secure environment for your children; enabling you to have peace of mind whilst at work, doing shopping, or just taking a break!



Puss Bank Out of School Club is registered with Ofsted, who regulate the facility and inspect the club, our registration number is EY355261

All the staff are required to complete DBS checks, and the supervisory staff have appropriate qualifications and attend relevant courses. At least 50% (usually 100%) of the staff hold a current certificate in Paediatric First Aid, and the Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene.


Equal Opportunities

In line with our Equal Opportunities Policy this document is provided in large print to make the information it contains more accessible; if you require the policies section in large print or if you still have difficulty accessing this information please inform us and we will endeavour to provide you with an appropriate alternative.


Opening Times and Fees


£4.50 per session (siblings £4.00)


£9.00 per session (siblings £8.00)


A completed booking and agreement form with payment is required to book a place in the club.


Breakfast Club

The breakfast club operates from 7.30 am until the start of the school day. Children are offered cereal or toast along with a drink. They are then free to take part in any of the activities available which include a physical games, drawing, board games and construction.


Children are brought into the breakfast club by their parents/carers who sign the register on leaving their child with a member of staff.


At 8.50am Key Stage One children are escorted to their classrooms by a member of staff. 

Key Stage Two children join their peers in the playground until the whistle blows.


After School Club

The children are collected from their classrooms by a member of staff and escorted to the club. The staff usually take the children outside in the enclosed playground area. If the weather is too horrid there is an area which is undercover so the children still get the benefit of the fresh air with the advantage of not getting wet! The children are then offered a snack. We are committed to providing a healthy balanced snack and we are very mindful of avoiding unnecessary salt, sugar and fat content, additives and preservatives. Water is available for the children to drink at any time. The children are then free to take part in any of the activities on offer to them. We do arts & crafts, baking etc., with the children, particularly in the winter months when the weather is less clement.



At 3.15 the staff collect key stage one children from their classrooms. One member of staff take these children to the club while another member of staff goes to collect children from key stage two and escort the children to the club.



A quiet area, for the older children, is always available for them to do their homework. We also provide materials on request, such as paper, scissors, glue etc. The staff are happy to give homework support, providing it doesn’t require long periods of individual attention. If a child was having difficulty we would recommend that the child sought the assistance of their parents when returned home.



As each child is collected by their parent or carer, the time of collection and signature is recorded on the register. Please note that all those allowed to collect children from the club must be listed on the child’s registration forms and be known by the child.

Additional collection permission must be notified by signed letter (temporary change), or by personally adding the person to the registration form (permanent addition). Please make provision for personal emergencies and traffic conditions which may prevent you collecting your child; by filling in the registration form as fully as possible, enabling you to send someone in your place. Please let the setting know if you can, as we can help reassure your child.


Late collection

Please be aware that it is our policy to contact social services if your child is not collected by 6.30pm and we have not managed to make any contact with you, or alternative contact for your child.

Therefore we would advise you to provide appropriate emergency contacts for use in case of unfortunate circumstances, which would ensure your child was collected by someone they knew, and could be reassured by.

Incidents of late collection will be recorded by the Manager and discussed with Parents/carers at the earliest opportunity. Persistent late collection may result in the imposition of a fine or the loss of your child’s place at the club.



Payment is made one calendar month in advance. Full payment should be returned with the completed booking form to a member of staff at the Club or at the School’s Main Office. Cheques to be made payable to ‘Puss Bank School & Nursery’. We regret that monies paid cannot be reimbursed if a child fails to attend the Out of School Club for any reason.

Parents may book their children in on an ad-hoc basis if there are spaces available. Fees must be paid in advance.


What the Club requires from the parent/carer!

To ensure that the club is run efficiently and effectively there are a few things which parents and carers can do to help. Some of these points may seem like commonsense, but we would like to be clear about our expectations thus avoiding misunderstandings. Your assistance with the following would be helpful and very much appreciated:

When collection arrangements for your child have changed please ensure that you inform us, in writing if you know in advance or by personally telephoning us if it is on the day.

Please inform us if your child is absent from the club.

Please telephone the club on: 07789401823

When you collect your child/children from the club they are your responsibility from the time that you arrive, this is the time that is recorded as the leaving time.

Book in and settle your bill promptly to ensure your child’s place. Please make cheques payable to ‘ Cheshire East Borough Council’.

Please remember when you cancel a place we need two weeks notice in writing.


Health and Safety

Due to the nature of our business we have always maintained a smoke free environment; this became law on the 1st July 2007. Please ensure that you adhere to our Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol policy.

Please do not allow your children to go into the car park alone.

Please assist us by talking to your child about the following safety issues:

Please discourage attempts to leave the setting unaccompanied during the session.

Please discourage your child from bringing, their own toys or dangerous items (matches, lighters, pen knives) in.

Mobile phones belonging to children are to be switched off and kept in a bag whilst at the setting.


Safe Caring

As part of our safe caring practice staff members are advised:

Unless a child has a particular need, staff should not accompany children into the toilet. All staff are aware that this could be misconstrued.

However, all of our staff are DBS checked. And if assistance for your child is required please notify a member of staff and the matter will be handled with the utmost respect and privacy.



If you require extra or changes in days at the Out of School Club please be prompt in booking so as to avoid disappointment and to allow us to be prepared with the correct staff ratios.

When your address, telephone number or any other details alter please ask to amend your registration document so we have up to date information.

Thank you for your assistance.