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Week 15/03/2021 Dans mon école - In my school

Dans mon école - In my school

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Watch this video to do this week's exercises.

Toutes les couleurs du monde- All the colours of the world

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‘Toutes les couleurs du monde’
All the colours of the world

Quand ça va, mon monde à moi est rouge, jaune, vert, ou bleu clair. C’est super!
When it is going well, my world is red, yellow, green, or light blue. It is great!

Toutes les couleurs du monde, rouge, jaune, bleu et marron, orange, violet, vert, blanc, noir et rose clair!
All the colours of the world, red, yellow, blue and brown, orange, violet, green, white, black and light pink!

Et la nuit le monde est gris Ou coloré, bleu foncé ou violet!
And at night, the world is grey, or colourful, dark blue or violet!

Quelquefois, ça ne va pas, quand tout est triste, noir et gris. Pas joli!
Sometimes, things don't go well, when everything is sad, black and grey. Not pretty!

Le jaune d’or, Moi, ça, j’adore! C’est magnifique, fantastique! C’est magique!
The yellow of gold, me, I love that! It is great, fantastic! It is magic!

Bonjour song

Bonjour, salut, comment ça va?
Ça va bien, merci, au revoir!

Au revoir song

Au revoir, au revoir, à plus tard et bonne journée!

October 2020


These weeks Years 4 and 5 are revisiting French colours, as well as asking questions about them and expressing preferences. 


Would you like  to freshen up your French colours? You can do it with this video!

Autumn Half Term 1 


After last year's disruption of our learning, we have gone back to the basics, to make sure that all students at Puss Bank  build solid foundations in their French learning. 


For this reason, Years 4 to 6 have been working with the same key elements, adapted  to their own level. These first building blocks are the verb "to be" in French, used to describe people, to say who you are and to say where somebody is, as well as key classroom language and politeness expressions. You can check some of the key resources below (as well as our beloved entry and leaving songs!). You can also check the weekly progress of your child's group in their year page. 

Describing people

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Je suis- I am
Tu es- You are
Il est- He is
Elle est- She is

Big and small

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Grand (big, tall), petit (small)

Greeting people

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Bonjour, je suis....
Hello, I am