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1. Communication and Language - Here we are!


Can you listen to the story? Can you say what you see?

We continued to read 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers. We focused on the part of the book that discussed that we are all different in our own way. We discussed how we may look and act differently to others.  


CLASSROOM CHALLENGE - Can you draw your friend?


2. Number - Can you make a group of 4? Can you find 34s?


The children LOVED visiting Number Land again. Follow this link to find out more information


Here is number 4's garden - it is a square garden (four sided shape), it has four straight sides. Number 4 has four eyes and four stars.

Number 4 lives in this house - it has four windows. There is a tower made with four bricks and a number four flag. There are four pinecones, a dice showing 4 and a square.


CLASSROOM CHALLENGE - Can you draw 4? Can you find 4?


3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) - Can you join in the game? Can you say who is speaking?


We took it in turns to say our name out loud to the group. Then, the first child stood at the front and faced the wall. A child was chosen to say 'hello...<insert child's name> and the first child had to work out who had spoken to them. Each child took turns to speak and guess. 


CLASSROOM CHALLENGE - Can you say hello to your friends in nursery?


4. Linking Sounds and Letters - Can you listen to the sounds? Can you recognise what makes that sound?


The children sat in a circle with two children in the middle sat back to back. The two children had 3 instruments each (bells, rain maker and wooden scraper). The first child played an instrument and the second child listened carefully to correctly choose the same instrument to play.  


CLASSROOM CHALLENGE - Can you find an object to make a sound?


5. Problem Solving - Can you find the odd one out? Can you explain why?


The teacher displayed 3 objects and asked the children to say which is the odd one out? Something that is different to the other two. (2 cows and 1 camel. 'The camel is the odd one out because it is not a cow.')

The objects were changed when asking each child. The activity was modified to make it more/less difficult with more/less possibilities. 


CLASSROOM CHALLENGE - Can you make a set with an odd one out?






Transient portraits outside

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Still image for this video
Grandparent's, Grandparent's,
It's your special day.
Sending lots of hugs your way.

It's fun to read and cook with you.
I like everything you do.

It's fun to spend time with you.
Thank you, thank you,
For all you do!


What to bring to nursery?

  • Named coat
  • Named wellies (which can be left at nursery)
  • Named bag with spare clothes
  • If your child is still in nappies then please bring a pack of nappies and wipes to be left at nursery. Alternatively, bring enough nappies and wipes in a named bag for that session. 
  • If your child is bringing in a packed lunch - named packed lunch box and named water bottle. (those having a school lunch do not need a water bottle.


If you have any questions then please email them to


Take care!

The nursery Team

Mrs Evans, Mrs Nash, Mrs Brookes, Mrs Beresford and Mrs Leah