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Nursery graduation song 🤩🥰🌟🌈

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Nursery Graduation song! 🤩🥰🌟🌈

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End of nursery (Graduation) song! ❤️😁🎉🌟

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We hope that you enjoy watching the children sing their 'end of nursery' song! These are the children moving up to Reception in September. We have absolutely loved our time with them in nursery...we have had lots and lots of fun!
We cannot wait to hear about their adventures next year!
(We will be recording on Monday afternoon aswell)

Home Learning for those isolating at home due to Covid-19. 


Week beginning 5.7.21

Try Jungle Cosmic Yoga!

Task 1 - Expected outcome: To join in with repeated refrains and to anticipate key events and phrases. 

Can you join in with the story? Can you guess each animal?


Share the book of ‘Walking Through the Jungle’ - Watch it here

Read/listen to the story together. Ask your child to point to what we read. Do they understand that we read 'words'? Can they point to the picture?

Ask your child to join in with the repeated refrains. Can you make the animal sound? How does that animal move? Can you repeat the words? 


CHALLENGE – Can you draw an animal from the story and label it?



Task 2 - Expected outcome: To recite numbers in order to 10. To recognise numerals 0-6 (EXT - to 10). To say the number one more than.


Can you match numbers and quantities?

Count to 10 on your fingers.

Using number mats (or make your own number track 0-6 on paper - one piece of paper per numeral) Lay out the number line. Ask your child to point to each number in order while counting along the number line. Ask your child to find a number and then find the number 1 fewer than/the number before and 1 more than/the number after.

Find different objects or draw pictures to place on the number track (2 socks on two. A triangle on 3, a glove on 5 etc) How many different things can you find?



Task 3 - Expected outcome - To remember a significant event.


Can you remember your visit to reception? Can you say what you did in Reception?   

Discuss your child's visit to reception. Do they remember Miss Atkinson, Miss Brett or Mrs Bradley?

Can they remember what toys they played with? 

Discuss what your child is looking forward to.

CHALLENGE – Can you draw a picture of what you did in reception?   


Task 4 - Expected outcome: To listen to sounds at the beginning of words and hear the difference between them.


Can you say the sounds letters make? Can you say the first sound the object makes? 


Revisit - SATPINGOC speed sounds (sing each song if needed to help memory). 


Watch and listen to each song here (phase 2) -


Can you hear the initial sound in sock? Yes, it's S! Can you find other things in your house that have the same initial sound? Repeat activity for objects beginning with (a, t, p, i, n, g, o, c, k)


CHALLENGE – Can you draw the letter that makes the (t) sound?


 Task 5 - Expected outcome: To know that numbers identify how many objects are in the set. To show an interest in numbers by commenting on them and asking questions. To begin to understand that a quantity is the same when separated in different ways.


Can you get 6 objects? Can you talk about what you see?

 Counting warm up – count 10 jumps.

You will need a ten frame.


What can you see?  There are 10 squares, five at the top, five at the bottom.

Scatter a group of small objects (small cubes/coins/counting objects).

Ask your child to place 6 on their ten frame (only one per square)

 What can you see?   'You have three yellow cubes at the top and three blue cubes at the bottom.  There are six cubes altogether.  Invite your child to choose 6 different object - how are they different...they are different colours etc. Reinforce that the quantity is still 6. 

Ask your child to move their objects to 6 different squares. How many do you have now? Yes, you still have 6.  


CHALLENGE - Can you find 6 around your house? 

Welcome to Summer 2!

Welcome back to Nursery for our last half term this academic year.

We start our new topic titled 'Our World'. This half term we will be focusing on Farm Animals and Wild Animals. We will also continue to learn about 'Plants' as we look after our plants and flowers in our Nursery garden.

We will be reading 'Rosie's Walk', 'Commotion in the Ocean' and 'Rumble in the Jungle'.

Mrs Brookes and the two year old's will be reading 'Oh Dear' and 'Walking in the Jungle'.


This half-term, we will continue to enjoy exploring our gorgeous garden - looking for signs of Summer and mini-beast. We continue to look after our herbs, plants and flowers, observing them as they grow, talking about what we have observed and asking questions. 


We will be practising sport's day skills (unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer the traditional sport's day experience but we will have lots of fun practising in Nursery).


We will be have short 'story time' visits in Reception for those children that are moving up next year. We will take lots of pictures and share them on our class page. 


We will also be learning our 'Graduation song' (end of Nursery) and will film our performance for you to view on our class page (tissues at the ready!)


Please do not hesitate to contact

with any questions you have.

Class Contact Email:


What to bring to nursery?

  • Named coat
  • Named wellies (which can be left at nursery)
  • Named bag with spare clothes
  • Named sunhat and named sun cream (Summer term)
  • If your child is still in nappies then please bring a pack of nappies and wipes to be left at nursery. Alternatively, bring enough nappies and wipes in a named bag for that session. 
  • If your child is bringing in a packed lunch - named packed lunch box and named water bottle. (those having a school lunch do not need a water bottle.


If you have any questions then please email them to


Take care!

The nursery Team

Mrs Evans, Mrs Nash, Mrs Brookes, Mrs Beresford, Mrs Leah, Miss Webb

and Mrs James


BABY CHICKS!!! We were VERY excited to have a visit from some baby chicks. We were fascinated by them and many of us stayed by their sides all morning and afternoon. We helped to clean the chicks out and gently stroked them. They felt so soft and cuddly!

'The Easter Bunning is running' Tuesday afternoon session

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'Spring Chicken' Tuesday afternoon session

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'I've got a spring in my toes' - Tuesday afternoon session

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'Spring Chicken' Wednesday morning session

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'The Easter Bunny is running' - Wednesday morning session

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'I've got a spring in my toes' Wednesday morning session

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This week we enjoyed 'World Book day'. The children and staff dressed up as one of their favourite book characters. We read lots and lots of books and made our own book marks. We have also enjoyed exploring different textures - driving the Naughty Bus through baked beans, corn flour and water. We loved describing what it felt like! We have enjoyed rhyming activities - reading Oi Frog/Oi Cat and singing '5 Little ducks'.

This week, we have enjoyed creating 'Naughty Buses' outside, using the crates. We have raked the leaves away and tidied the vegetable patches ready for some planting over the next few weeks. The children were fascinated by the minibeast and wildlife outside - using magnifying glasses to hunt for more. The children have enjoyed creating wonderful narratives in our camping area and creating treasure maps to find Treasure!!! We have enjoyed retelling the story of the 'Naught Bus' with our ffriends and building buses out of wooden blocks. Our STEM challenge was to build a bridge out of cubes and rulers - we had lots of fun building and balancing! We have washed the babies in the water tray and played with the Dinosaurs in the small world area.A great first week back!

This week we have enjoyed acting out the 'Gruffalo' story and making props to retell it with our friends. We have been painting pictures of toys, looking closely at their colour and shape. We have enjoyed using the large bricks and crates to build boats, buses, trains and cars. We have also enjoyed dressing up as Police officers and Fire Fighters!

This week, we have been busy making 'Number Lane' using number mats, and placing matching quantities. We have made Stickmen and enjoyed retelling the story with our friends. We have also made 'Not A Stick' - making fishing rods, flowers, dragon leads, swords and batons. Once again, we have embraced the heavy rain fall and used the crates to build a bridge over our 'giant' puddle. We also raced boats and splashed alot! We were all very excited to play out in the snow - creating track marks, writing our names in the snow and drawing faces. We smashed the ice and found icicles.

We have been very busy embracing the snow and rain outside. Inside, we have been busy making binoculars (and other exploration props) to go on Bear Hunts and making puppets to retell the story. We have also enjoyed dressing up as familiar characters and dancing to some of our favourite music!