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Nursery Tatton Farm trip June 30th 2022



Jubilee Street Party

Wednesday 25th May (children only)


Jubilee Garden Sing Along

Friday 27th May (parents invited to watch)


Reception Transition Visits

AM – 21st & 28th June


Tatton Hall Farm Trip

Thursday 30th June - Letter to follow


Move up day (those going to Reception September 2022 Only)

Tuesday 5th July



What to bring to nursery?

  • Named coat
  • Named wellies (which can be left at nursery)
  • Named bag with spare clothes
  • Named sunhat and named sun cream (weather depended)
  • If your child is still in nappies then please bring a pack of nappies and wipes to be left at nursery. Alternatively, bring enough nappies and wipes in a named bag for that session. 
  • If your child is bringing in a packed lunch - named packed lunch box and named water bottle. (those having a school lunch do not need a water bottle.


If you have any questions then please email them to


Take care!

The Nursery Team

Mrs Evans, Mrs Nash, Mrs Brookes, Mrs Beresford, Mrs Leah, Miss Webb


During the Summer Term, our topic is titled

'Our World'. 

This half-term our learning will focus on:


Our Two year-old's classroom time will focus on the following  stories: 

Walking in the Jungle, The Hungry Caterpillar


Our three and four year old's classroom time will focus on the following stories : My Bean Diary, The Hungry Caterpillar


During our weekly phonics sessions, we will play many games that will help your child to oral blending and segmenting of sounds in words. It is important that your child has plenty of experience listening to adults modelling oral blending. You could support your child at home when giving them an instruction 'Can you get your c-oa-t?' ' Can you touch your t-oe-s?'. 

You could support your child to orally segment by asking them to talk to you in 'sound-talk'. For example, if you ask them where they would like to go? They could reply 'to the p-ar-k'. You could encourage them to repeat it back to you. 


During our weekly Number sessions, we will begin to represent numbers

and quantities to 6. We will focus on understanding conservation of number - that the quantity of a set of objects does not change if they are moved around. We will also focus on the concept of same/different.  


Our weekly Shape, Space and Measure sessions are delivered to support your child to use shapes appropriately for a task and use language to describe shape and size. We will be comparing and describing 2D shapes and arranging shapes to make pictures and shapes. 


We will share many stories with your child each week, reading one on one, in small groups and all together at home times.

Our home time stories will be - Jack and the Beanstalk, Lola plants a seed, Jasper's Beanstalk, The Very Lazy Ladybird, Duck in the Truck, Pig in the Pond.


We will enjoy planting beans and watching them grow. These beans will be transferred into our garden once they are big enough. We will also enjoy looking after our garden - pruning our plants and flowers, and planting new herbs. 

We will have some very small visitors into Nursery. Firstly, we shall have a visit from some new-born chicks - we will learn about how to take care of them, changing their water, filling their feed and cleaning out their box...and of course, we shall stroke them gently and even hold them ourselves!


We will also have some very tiny caterpillars join us in Nursery. We shall watch these caterpillars grow and turn into big caterpillars, and then build their own cocoon and eventually transform in to butterflies. This is going to be VERY exciting!


In addition, we will of course be enjoying so much more learning through play!


Please do not hesitate to contact

with any questions you have.

Nursery Kindness award

We are extremely proud of the children in Nursery. In particular, we have noticed how kind they can be towards others.

In order to celebrate this, we have introduced our new Kindness Award!


Our next Kindness Award goes to: Harper

Thank you for helping the younger children at tidy up time by modelling how to tidy up.


Well done Harper!


The new nursery sensory area! The children absolutely LOVE it!

It's NOT a stick...

Please take a moment to look through what we have been doing this Autumn

Remembrance Day 11.11.21

Find out what we have thinking and learning about ... Hip hip hooray!

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