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We're going on a camp trip!

Working and playing as a team!

It's not a box. It's a ...

Christmas fun...wrapping presents, writing labels, building Santa's sleigh, delivering presents and our Nativity!

Celebrating birthdays! Making cakes and presents, and making shopping lists.

Playing with shadows

Paying for childcare


Information on how to get help to pay for childcare, including Tax free Childcare

Activities across Macclesfield Children's Centres


Please follow the link for a weekly timetable of the events happening across Children's Centres in Macclesfield.'s-centres.aspx


During Spring 1, our learning will focus on:


Our Two year-old's classroom time will focus on the following  stories: 

Say Hello to the Animals, Spot Goes Camping, Walking through the Jungle.


Listen to 'Say Hello to the animals' here.

Listen and sing along to 'Walking through the Jungle' here


Our three and four year old's classroom time will focus on the following stories : 'We're going on a Bear Hunt', 'Not a Stick!', 'Not a Box!'


We will anticipate what will happen next in the books and talk about what we see in the pictures. We will orientate books correctly, point to the pictures in a book, point to the words in a book. We will point to the first word in a book. 


Watch Michael Rosen perform 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'

Listen to 'Not a stick' here

Listen to 'Not a box' here

They will have the opportunities to relate to new stories based on their own life experiences and new life experiences at nursery - exploring the school grounds/buildings and imaginative play. 


Phonics - During our weekly phonics sessions, we will play many games that will help your child to tune into different sounds. 

They will play many games - What's in the box? Bertha the bus. Rhyming odd one out. Your child will practice oral blending while playing games and be exposed to different sounds (s, a, t, p, i, n)


Number - During our number sessions, we will focus on creating number tracks from 0-6. We will place number mats in order 0-6 and discuss 1 more/1 less. 

We will help Hodgey Podgey sort the house on to the correct number tile (by counting the windows and matching numeral and quantity). 

We will move on to help Hodgey Podgey to sort a range of objects and match them to the correct number tile. e.g. 2 socks on number 2, a car with four wheels on 4, a glove on 5. 

Hodgey Podgey needs our help!!!


Please visit to find out more. 


Problem Solving - During our problem solving sessions, we will practice using and understanding propositions (in, on, under, behind, in front, next to, in between) by placing a range of dolls (girl, boy, grandpa, grandma, baby etc) in differnt places, such as, 'Can you put Grandma behind the bed?' 'Can you put baby under the bed?'


We will also practice using comparative language to compare lengths of objects, such as, ribbons/sticks. We will say 'My stick is longer than <name>'s stick'.


We will also compare and investigate a range of box sizes. We will work as a group to problem solve which objects will fit into different sized boxes. 


Please visit NCETM for more information on the shape, space and measure. 


Reading and sharing stories

We will share many stories with your child each week, reading one on one, in small groups and all together at home times.

Our home time stories will be - Brown Bear, Brown Bear, We're going on a picnic, Triangle, The Gruffalo, There's a Superhero in my book, What to do with a box, The Naughty Bus. 



In addition, we will of course be enjoying so much more learning through play!


Please do not hesitate to contact

with any questions you have.

Important dates for your diary


Parent’s eveningWednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd March (email from school admin to follow)


Transport WalkWednesday AM 15th March (letter to follow)


Easter eggstravaganza SingAlong – Tuesday 28th March 9.15am/2.30pm (letter to follow)


What to bring to nursery?

  • Named coat
  • Named wellies (which can be left at nursery)
  • Named bag with spare clothes
  • Named sunhat and named sun cream (weather depended)
  • If your child is still in nappies then please bring a pack of nappies and wipes to be left at nursery. Alternatively, bring enough nappies and wipes in a named bag for that session. 
  • If your child is bringing in a packed lunch - named packed lunch box and named water bottle. (those having a school lunch do not need a water bottle.


If you have any questions then please email them to


Take care!

The Nursery Team

Mrs Evans, Mrs Nash, Mrs Brookes, Mrs Beresford, Mrs Leah, Miss Webb, Mrs Chamilla


Class Contact Email: