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Welcome back to our final half-term. We hope that you have had a wonderful

half-term, enjoying the fine weather!

We will continue to learn about 'Our World' and focus on farm and wild animals, and even enjoy a virtual trip to Chester Zoo!! 

We will be introducing Write Dance sessions which uses dance and music to help develop writing skills. 

Follow the link for further information -


There will be activities to support our return to school (be it in June or September).


Twinkl are offering a new text message service that sends you weekly play ideas. Follow the link for further information -



There will also be new messages from the Nursery staff and plenty of information from our Reception team for those that are moving up to Reception in September.  Mrs Bradley and Miss Atkinson are both very excited!


We always enjoy to hear from you and see how you have tackled the classroom challenges. Please aim to check-in with the Nursery team at least once a week. 


Love from 

Mrs Evans, Mrs Nash, Mrs Beresford, Mrs Brookes and Mrs Leah! xxx

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Activity 3 - Phonics

Watch the you tube clip and sing along.


Can you make the sound (f)? Can you say the sound at the beginning of a word? Can you hear the sound (f) in words?


Recap letter sounds so far (s, a, p, n, c, k, i, g, h, t, m, e, l, j, o, u). Show the children the letter (f), do they know anything about it? (the sound ((ensure it is the pure sound and not f-uh)) words containing the letter, that it is a letter – not a number). Show the correct formation around the letter as saying the sound. Practise saying the rhyme and doing the action. Saying ‘My friends and I went to the beach with my floating fish. It got a hole…the air came out.’ /Fffffff/!

Soft sounds - Look at the following pictures and name them (flower, sock, fox, witch, wizard, sausage) – these all begin with soft sounds. This means that you can stretch the initial sound. E.g. sausage – ssssssssausage and ffffffffox. As a visual aid, we place our hands together in front of use (palm to palm) and then stretch them out while saying the soft sound.



Hard sounds – Look at the following pictures (clock, dog, cat, goat, toast, dress, and grater) – these all begin with hard sounds.

This means that you cannot stretch the initial sound. They are hard/short sounds that we bounce.

As a visual aid, we bounce our hand (pretend to bounce a ball). It is a hard/short sound. E.g. bonce the sound c-c-c and bounce g-g-g.



Recap sounds already taught (s, a, p, n, c, k, i, g, h, t, m, e, l, j, o, u, f). Sort them into hard sounds and soft sounds. Focus on repeating words, making actions for initial sounds and stretching the sound (ssss) or bouncing the sound (c-c-c).


Classroom challenge - Can you find objects starting with or containing (f)? Can you practise writing (f)? Can you create an (f) using playdough/playbricks/paint/marks in sand? Be as creative as you like!



Two year old's activity

Wednesday 2nd June 2020

Activity 3



Do you have a favourite Nursery rhyme?


Sing the chosen nursery rhyme to your child but miss out key words or phrases. Encourage your child to fill in the missing words and phrases.


Can they sing the rhyme by them self?


Rumble in the Jungle - introduction and Chimpanzee

Still image for this video

Lion, Elephant and Zebra

Still image for this video

Snake, Giraffe, Hippopotamus and Crocodile

Still image for this video

Rhinoceros, Gazelle and Gorilla

Still image for this video

Leopard, Tiger and ending.

Still image for this video

Thursday 4th June 2020

Activity 4 – Problem Solving

We are looking for your child to be able to: Know that numbers identify how many objects are in the set. Select one object from a group. Know that the quantity changes when something is added or taken away. 


Can you get 4 objects? Can you talk about what you see?

Let’s do a counting warm up! Ask your child to do 10 jumps.

Show your child the 10 frame above. What can you see? There are 10 squares, five at the top, five at the bottom.

Print the attached 10 frame document or draw your own ten frame. Use found objects (lego pieces/duplo/locks/small characters/pebbels etc). Place 10 in front of the 10 frame.

Ask your child to count out 4 objects and put them on the ten frame. What can you see? Where have you placed them? Are they put in squares close to each other or are there empty squares between each object?

Can you move your 4 objects to different squares? Can you place them all on the top line? Or all on the bottom line? Can you put 2 on the top line and 2 on the bottom line? Can you split them all up?

How many squares have objects in? (4) How many squares are empty? (6) If I move my objects to a different square, will I still have 4? How can I check?

CLASSROOM CHALLENGE – Can you show me 4 in two ways?



The two’s activity

Thursday 4th June 2020

Activity – 4

Number – set up a picnic.

We are looking for your child to be able to: Selects a small number of objects from a group when asked, for example, ‘please give me one’, ‘please give me two’.


Shall we have a picnic?


Ask your child to set up a picnic for 2 people. What do we need? How many plates/bowls/spoons/cups will we need?


Can you set out your picnic for 2?

Friday 5th June 2020

Activity 5 - Number

Task A

We are looking for your child to be able to be able to: Recite numbers in order to 10. Show curiosity in numbers by offering comments. Show an interest in representing number.


Can you say numbers in order? Can you write the numbers 1 to 6 to make number track?

Ask your child to recite numbers in order to 10.


One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes –four Five potatoes, six potatoes, seven potatoes - more Eight potatoes, nine potatoes, ten potatoes - all One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes - four Five potatoes, six potatoes, seven potatoes - more Eight potatoes, nine potatoes, ten potatoes all.

Explain that they are going to make their own numberline which they will use in future Number classroom times.

Explain that a number line is a line with numbers on it.

How do we start counting? What number will we finish on?

We suggest using 10 pieces of paper/card and writing a number on each card. (some children may suggest writing zero first – therefore needing 11 pieces of paper/card). You could leave each piece separate or tape them together.

Count out 10 pieces of paper and join together. Then model drawing a line across the length of the paper. Model writing numbers 1-10 and ask your child to copy.


CHALLENGE – Can you make your own number line 1-10?


The two’s activity

Friday 5th June 2020

Activity 5 - Toy memory Game


Can you name each toy? Can you say which toy is missing?


Ask your child to find 3 toys and place them in a line. Ask them to point to each toy and say its name. Ask your child to close their eyes or turn around - at this point, take 1 toy away.

Ask your child to look at the remaining 2 toys.

Which toy is missing?

Repeat the game until all 3 have had a turn of being missing.

You could try this game with 3 different toys or increase to 4 toys at a time.


Monday 1st June 2020

Activity 1 - Story telling -  Helicopter Stories (google 'Helicopter stories' for more information)

You will need a pen and paper (and your child's imagination)

We are looking for your child to be able to: show an understanding of the way stories are structured (e.g. Once upon a time, One stormy morning...They all lived happily ever after etc). 


Key questions - Can you think of your own story? How will it start? Who are the characters? Where are they? What do they do/where do they go? How does your story end?


This is a great activity to get the whole family involved with!

At nursery, we set out a stage using masking tape - you could use a large rug, living room floor space or the garden.


Ask your child to tell a story (some of our newer children may need support with this). Adult to scribe – give some re-modelling where appropriate around past tense. You may wish to ask - what are they doing? - when the list of characters becomes too long. Who is in the story? 

Re-read the story, emphasising the key points. Explain that you are now going to act out the story, like a play. would like to be the...?

Praise attempts to complete an action from a verb or to look like the character.  

Give out each part and read their part of the story and praise their attempts at movement/speech or body language. 

Re-read the story and praise the children/parents for acting it out!


CHALLENGE – Can you draw your story? 

EXTENSION (optional) - Can you use story language to retell your story?



Monday 1st June 2020

Two year old's - Activity 1 

Communication and Language - Share a book


Can you listen to a story? Can you turn the pages? Can you say what you can see?


Choose a book to share with your child. Discuss the front page, what can you see? What are they doing? etc


Encourage your child to say what they can see. Can they join in with repeated phrases from the story? Ask them to turn the pages. Can they point to the characters?


CHALLENGE: Can you draw a character from the book?


Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Activity 2 – CLL – Communication, language and Literacy.


We are looking for your child to be able to: Show awareness of rhythm and rhyme.


 Can you guess the missing words?


Read ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ poems or watch Mrs Evans read the book (story to follow shortly)  – Ask your child to choose which poem they would like to read first (explaining that it is not a story and so we can read the poems in any order).

Ask your child to anticipate the missing words.

CLASSROOM CHALLENGE – Can you draw an animal from the book and label it?


Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Activity 2 for the two’s - CLL – Communication, language and Literacy.

We are looking for your child to be able to: Show an interest in play with sounds, songs and rhymes.


Read ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ poems or watch Mrs Evans read the book (story to follow shortly). What do you see? What animals are in the book?


Challenge – Can you find a toy animal from your toy box?

Try making your very own DINOSAUR GARDEN!

Still image for this video

Kindness activities from Mini Messy Church

For children moving up to Reception in September. I have set up a New Reception 2020-21 page under the 'Parents' tab on the home page. Here you will find information, a virtual tour and stories from your future teachers Mrs Bradley and Miss Atkinson.

Mrs Bradley


The Easter sing-a-long and future fortnightly songs with activities will now be in the Singing for All area of the website so head there for new songs and matching activities fortnightly.

As well as these songs we are also going to be offering you some music tuition from our skilled music providers: The Love Music Trust.  These too will be in the Singing for All area of the website.  There is a KS1 session and a KS2 session weekly.

On top of all of that, follow the links for the daily ‘Big Sing’ that will also be provided for you by The Love Music Trust.

Remember, do as much or as little as you like but singing is good for the soul and something everybody can join in with.

Have fun!

Mrs Gadbury

Don't forget to practise: 'Together'

Summer 2 - Home schooling activities and challenges

Messages from the Nursery staff


Your birthday photos

Nursery Home School Timetable

Your photos from home - Friday 22nd May 2020

Your photos from home- Wednesday 20th May 2020

Your photos from home - Tuesday 19th May 2020

Fly Butterflies, Fly!!!

Still image for this video
Now at first, our Butterflies did not want to leave the basket. We left the Butterflies in the unzipped basket for almost an hour but they did not budge, My son had a great idea to try and entice them out with some beautiful flowers. It worked and off they flew!!

Your photos from home - Monday 18th May 2020

Your photos from home - Friday 15th May 2020

Your photos from home - Wednesday 13th May 2020

Your photos from home - Tuesday 12th May 2020

Caterpillar photos



Welcome back to Nursery and welcome to Summer 1! 

We hope that you are all keeping well (physically and mentally) and we can not wait to hear about what you have got up to over the Easter break. Hopefully, the Easter Bunny left some yummy chocolate treats for you and your family! 


For those children that will be moving up to Reception in September, by now you should have had confirmation of your child's school place. Please log on to your personal Cheshire East account to accept your child's place. If you have any questions regarding your child's school place then feel free to email or follow the link

Hello to our wonderful Nursery family! 

From Monday 23rd March we shall be communicating through this class page and the nursery e-mail address ( 


This is a strange and challenging time for us all but we are in this together! We WILL get through this!


We shall be setting weekly challenges for you to do with your child at home. These will mirror the classroom time challenges set at school, as well as other activity ideas. 

We would LOVE to hear about how you have tackled these challenges at home, you could even photograph and email your work to our nursery email which can be shared on our nursery class page (with your permission for it to be uploaded to the website). We would also enjoy to hear about your WOW moments and your general day to day news!


We would like to hear from each of you at least once a week by email. This will enable us to ensure we continue our duty of care to all pupils at Puss Bank School.


Mrs Evans, Mrs Nash, Mrs Brookes, Mrs Beresford

and Mrs Leah