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My first ever YouTube video of my Naughty Bus story time - I hope it works!!


Good Morning! We have made it to Friday 😊 


I hope everyone is keeping safe and happy. Well done for all your hard work this week! Continue with a structured timetable today, it will help keep everyone's behaviour positive after a week of being stuck in together! It will also give your child clarity of what their day is going to look like, as we would in school.



Today in English we are looking at writing our own opening to our story of Naughty Bus. All children have a plan of their story in the back of their yellow book. This will help them to write this. Think about all the different ways to open a story that you have looked at this week. Be creative!  



Draw equal spots on each side of the ladybird. Ask your child how many are in one equal part and what the total is of the two equal parts (e.g. 4 and another equal part of 4 makes a total of 8) using the structure of double ___ is ____.’  



By next week will, hopefully, be able to supply a Youtube clip with daily phonics activities on. We will keep you posted on this. However, for the meantime have a go at plying Buried Treasure. First, write the words gulp, help, belt, felt, kilt, pleh, blet, flet, klit on to individual pieces of paper. Get your child to read each word and decide if it a real word or a nonsense word. If it’s a real word it is treasure, if it is a made-up word it goes in the bin. 

Finally, have a go at writing ‘Milk is good for my teeth.'


Creative task 

Can you make a scene from your story (using your plan) with the model you have made? You could do this using natural materials or materials you have around the house.  


Keep safe, keep in contact and keep smiling. You are all doing a fabulous job, parents included 😊  Thank you for all your hard work.

Good Morning all! Thursday today


Keep the structure and timetabling to help all children feel secure and safe. My children have continued with home learning by themselves and they have been brilliant. I have just used post-its to list a couple of learning activities in the morning and in the afternoon as well as physical activities morning and afternoon and lunch and a lunch time walk with their Dad. You could use drawings or photos to give the same message.


If you haven't done so already, please make sure you check in with your teacher this week to let us know how you are getting on.


No English today as it is PE day.


In PE, we have been looking at making obstacle courses. You could continue this if you're lucky enough to have a back garden and some equipment.

If not, Joe Wick has been live-streaming a workout at 9am every day on YouTube, I know many of you are enjoying already (including Miss Atkinson). 



Paint a number of dots on one side of your paper and fold it to double it. Send a photo to your teacher and stick it in your book – if you can. Be as creative as you like! 



Continue recapping phase 3 sounds. Also look at the new tricky words have and like, remember what are tricky words? We can't sound them out we just have to know them! 

Have a go at stretching the sounds in the words: 

Soft, jump, best, gift 

Write the sentence: 

A lamp on a metal chest


Creative work project

Make us a Naughty Bus.!

Choose how you do this activity - you could junk model, draw, paint, use Lego or even do it on Purple Mash - paint program (if you do this you can save to your tray hopefully and we will be able to see it).


Keep up the hard work everyone! You are all making us very proud to be your teachers! Stay safe :) 

Hi all - sorry for confusion! We are doubling this week and NOT halving (that is next week). I have changed it on the days work below.

Thank you to the Mum who pointed this muddle out. 

Some very tired teachers here!!


Good Morning! Wednesday is here 

Thank you so much for all your support with the teaching and learning for your children at home. Receiving emails of your hard work and efforts are keeping us going. Remember to check in with your teacher at least once a week to let us know how you are and how home-schooling is going 😊  



English today is to look at the beginning of the Naughty Bus Discuss how this story begins e.g. A bus came in a present. We are specifically looking at different beginnings of stories so ensure your sentence is just about the beginning. Remember to Say it, Count it, Say it and Write it 😊 



Today in maths your task is to make a Duplo/lego tower and then make another tower the same. Draw your 2 towers and write it as  


Double _______ is _________  


Get your child to repeat this sentence using the word double. 



We are in the process of figuring out how to get mini-lessons to you via Powerpoint with a voice-over. You may have to bear with us this week whilst we do so. In the meantime, keep practising the flashcards of all both the single sounds, digraphs and trigraphs.  

We have started looking at Phase 4 words that have blended sounds e.g. bump, went and milk. Have a go at a quick write of these words. 





Make sure you remind your child to stretch all the sounds independently first, then work through them together to see if yours and theirs match.  

If you can access Phonics Play also play a game on there too. 


Thank you again for all your support. Keep in touch.

Good Morning - it's Tuesday!

Love to you all in this hard and unprecedented times. Let's keep some routine for everyone's sanity.


Thank you for all the e-mails today, especially those ones with photos that share what you have been doing today. We have loved seeing your work and activities and it has kept us going. heart


Don't forget to read your reading books - little and often.


English today 

Listen to the story The Three Little Pigs -

Discuss the story opening and the use of 'Once upon a time...' as it is a traditional tale.

Write what happens at the beginning of the story using 'Once upon a time.. ' (children should copy this part of the sentence)


Let us know how your story writing of your own Naughty Bus Story is going, sending us photos on the homework e-mail addresses. This contact is good for us as well as you. heart


Maths today

Play with your parent or sibling. Get a group of objects and now ask your play partner to find the same amount. How many items have you got altogether? Draw it and write it as …


Double _______ is _________



Continue with Phonics Play Phase 3 and 4. We am working on a powerpoint presentation with voice over to enable a daily, short phonics sessions.

Good Morning - It's Monday!

Learning will look a bit different at the moment - myself and my husband are working today so we have a timetable of activities that the children can get on with independently or help each other with. It includes breaks and exercise!


Good luck today.



1. Listen to the story of the Tiger Who Cam to Tea. Follow this link


Talk with someone about how the story starts. Write in your book a sentence or more about the beginning of the story of The Tiger Who Came to Tea.


2. Play on phonics play - phase 3 and 4


They have opened their membership to the public for free at the moment.

Free Account Username: march20

                        Password: home


3. Roll a dice and double the number. Draw the double number. Write the total can you find all the possibilities?



4. Exercise, play imaginatively and build xxx.


We are looking forward to seeing the photos of your work today - send to teachers homework e-mail!

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