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Spring Term 2019

Happy New Year and welcome back! Hope you have had a great holiday!


  • Ensure numbers to 20 are correctly written.
  • Know that numbers can be represented in different ways.
  • Know that a group can be counted, that numbers follow an order and that the last number names the total.
  • Enjoy a range of stories, poems, rhymes and non fiction texts.
  • Apply sounds taught to read and write words.      
  • Continue to learn a range of high frequency but irregular words.
  • Continue to practise writing simple sentences using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.
  • Know the different parts of a book and how print carries meaning.
  • Use a range of strategies when reading e.g. picture clues, phonics, context clues and knowledge of how books work.


Please continue to support your child by sharing a book everyday. Make this a positive experience by sharing the initial read with them. Reading is not meant to be a test! Remember that phonics is only one strategy that is used when decoding a text. Illustrations, context, memory and personal experience also contribute.  Also check understanding by asking questions about what has been read. Please encourage your child to respond each time in their Reading Record by drawing a picture, remembering how to write a tricky word, writing a speech bubble or expressing an opinion. Please see a member of staff for help and support with reading at home.

How Parents Can Help

  • Try and read every day with your child, making it a fun and shared experience.
  • Talk about the front cover, the title, text and illustrations.
  • Point out letters and words, capital letters and full stops.
  • Practise pointing to each word as it is said and begin to blend the sounds in simple words.
  • Ask questions about books to check understanding.
  • Talk about the numbers to ten and everyway that they can be seen, made and drawn e.g. dots on dice, hands, tools used for measuring, etc.
  • Practise counting groups of objects, pointing to each item and saying number names in order.


Additional Information

  • Please speak to us if you have any queries or could offer to help in any way.
  • We encourage the children to use the Outdoor Area as much as possible so they need to bring waterproof and warm clothing and hats, if sunny, to school.
  • We ask that all articles of clothing, including shoes, are clearly named.
  • Please let us know if you are celebrating a special event at home so we can share this experience in school.
  • Pumps will not be needed until the Summer term.



Could you spare some time to help hear children read? We are also looking for 'Guest' readers to read a short book to the class. If so, see your child's class teacher.

Reading Meeting PowerPoint

Diary Dates:

- Learn with me (writing)  23rd January 9-9.30am.

- We will be visiting the library on March 6th; look out for a letter about this.

- We will also be having eggs to hatch in the classroom for two weeks before Easter (18th March).

- Easter sing-a-long. 2nd April (FNS 9.15am & FNP 2.40pm).







Curriculum Leaflet - Autumn 2019