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Phonics Homework!

We are setting phonics homework in the blue sounds book - or you could enter our Easter Phonic Competition instead!

See below!

Week Beginning 29th March 2021


In English, we are reading the book The Naughty Bus. Click here for the story.

We are extending our writing to be able to write more than one sentence to tell our own story. Use the connectives first, then, next and finally to make the sentences flow.

Say the sentence several times before writing it. Marking each word with you fingers and talking about where the finger spaces will go. Remember let your child use their phonic knowledge to write words.



E-books at Oxford Owl click here.

Select Login on Oxford Owl for schools. 

Login for FNB 

Username FNB2021

Password PW2021


Login for FNA 

Username FNA2021

Password PW2021


Children in school will receive reading books. If you are isolating use these, unless the isolation is longer, in this case use Oxford Owl or the Reading Matters channel on Teams.


Maths - this week are learning about 3D shapes 

Count on and back from different numbers.

Monday - sort 3D prisms by what they have in common. Sort cylinders, cubes, cuboids and triangular prisms. Make explanations that focus on the properties of the shape e.g. these shapes both have circular faces, they are both cylinders.

Tuesday and Wednesday - find the odd shape out - sharing the reason why?

Thursday - explore using 3D shape blocks (cylinders, cubes, cuboids and triangular prisms) - which shapes can you build on, which shapes cannot be built on, orientate the shapes for building.



Use phonics play to recap phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs - site remains available for free subscription until the end of the week.


Reception Reading click here.

As we are unable to invite you in to attend our usual reading meeting, we have created a recorded meeting with Mrs Bradley and Miss Atkinson to tell you about how children learn to read at Puss Bank School and how you can help your child along this journey. 

Maths Tutorial for EYFS - find out how children learn to count and understand numbers in the EYFS.

Curriculum Leaflet Autumn 2020

Remember to email if you have any concerns or worries:-