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Hey! Friday morning!


English - finish of your animal non-fiction text and fiction text if you got that far.


Maths - continue to practise counting on rather than altogether - 

Pack a bag or suitcase with a number of items for your holiday. Close the bag or suitcase and say how many items there are. Now add 2 other items, counting on to find the total.

It is really important to count on, not recount altogether.

Play this game with different objects and quantities.


Phonics  - 


We are going to practise our tricky words ready for Year 1.  From the list of tricky words can you write 10 that you find especially tricky?  Can you write them and decorate them in a Word Art style?  You could then place them in the garden or in your house.  Every time you see a word you could read it and then say the letters out loud to spell the word.  Keep practising 😊


How has your nature watching gone - if not create a list of all the species you have seen this week. If you have not played on Google Earth and looked for your favourite animal's  home - do this is it's loads of fun manipulating the Earth and has helped with understanding directionality!

Good Morning! It looks like a rainy one today. 


English - continue your research for a non-fiction text or your storybook writing. We would love to see how you are getting on with these too! 

Maths - Keep practising counting on 

Phonics - Recap recap recap! Let's be really secure on our phase 3 and 4 sounds ready for Year 1.


Don't forget to email your current class teacher about meeting your new Year 1 teacher on 20th July! Your new teacher would love to meet you all.  


Have a fantastic day everyone! smiley

اچھا دن

This writing is a greeting in Urdu a language spoken in Pakistan and other neighbouring Asian countries. Countries and also home to the Snow Leopard.


Phonics - We are recapping all the graphemes we have learned so far and apply them in reading and writing.

Maths - We are moving away from counting the whole group to calculating by remembering one of the parts and counting on.

English - Continue on your non-fiction books about your chosen animal and your fiction (story) book about your animal.

Be sure to keep sending photos of your work!


Geography - explore the countries your animal lives in, what are they like? Are there mountains or lakes, flat meadows or desserts. Find out how to say 'hello' in the languages, where your animal lives.

Happy Tuesday! 


Phonics - continue to practise lots of writing and applying those sounds! Remember those 'whee up we go' for the lead-ins to our letters. 

Maths - keep exploring those number bonds of numbers to 10. 

English - We will continue to write our animal books. If you have completed your non-fiction text about your animal try writing a story where your animal is the main character. Remember a story has a beginning middle and end, don't rush to do it all in one day. 

Maidin mhaith - greeting in Gaelic (native Celtic language)



Maths - This week we are going to move from counting altogether to calculating an addition.

Phonics - For the next 2 weeks we are going to do lots of practice of reading and writing using the graphemes (letter patterns that represent a single sound) we have learned so far.

English - We will continue to write our animal books. If you have completed your non-fiction text about your animal try writing a story where your animal is the main character. Remember that in a story, your animal could take on human characteristics such as talking and move in ways that your animal doesn't do naturally, such as a climbing jellyfish, a dancing cow etc.


Geography - Find out about the part of the world your animal lives. Find it on a globe, atlas, map or Google earth. Can you make a map that shows where your animal lives? Copy of trace a map and shade the area of the map to show where they live.

Tricky words to practise reading and writing

We tried a new dance today as we are getting really good at the other 3 dances.

It was hard! M C Hammer - Can't Touch This! Good work out!

Please keep up with reading at home even if you are in school.

Also, keep up with practising those Phase 3 sound flashcards we provided before school closure before Phonics lessons if you are home. 

Dances - in school we are learning these dances!

Dance Monkey, Fight Song and Cheerleader!

The Toilet Roll Video

By Reception

Thank you everyone!

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