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Isolation Home/School Work

If you are feeling well enough, here are some suggestions of activities that you can do at home. We have provided suggestions for daily maths and English but please remember these are only suggestions. 

You will be able to find all home learning work on this page.

Please do share work with us.


Spelling and Handwriting

At the back of your organisers you have lists of common exception spellings for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6. It is important that you know how to spell these words. Take the next five that you need to learn and use a variety of strategies to master them. This could include: speed writes, rainbow writing, syllable counting, wordshapes etc. Can you put them into a sentence of your own? Can you start these sentences in different ways and use a range of punctuation within them? Take the time when you write the sentences so that all your letters are accurately formed and joined. How neat can you make your handwriting?

Here at Puss Bank School we love reading. We love to know what you are reading and how often. We are sure there are lots of people you could read to at home and lots of different places. Have you tried listening to stories online? How many different genres or types of book can you read? Take the time to curl up with a good book and read for pleasure. Let us know about it in some way. For example, you could advertise the book on a poster or design a new front cover and blurb or create a reading river. The choice is yours....
Calling all TTRockstars! We cannot emphasise enough how useful it is to know all of your multiplication facts to 12 x 12 off by heart. There are lots of brilliant games on TTRockstars to help develop your confidence with these facts from the garage, jamming, studio, soundcheck, festival and arena. So what are you waiting for?! Go practise! 

Purple Mash

We have been also learning about place value in numbers to a million last half term and this half term we are looking at decimal values with tenths and hundredths. If you want to keep these skills sharp then you can go to


There is a 9-11 year old section with lots of activities to try and games to play.

You can go to the 7-9 if you find that section a bit tricky and work up to it.



The following weblink: has lots of games to help you practise a wide variety of different arithmetic skills. You can choose what to focus on, for how long and at what level.