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Isolation Home/School Work


In Year 5 we have two spelling lists:

1. Each child have their own list which is highlighted at the back of their organiser and they are learning 5 or 6 per week independently. 

2. As a class we also continue to learn spelling patterns from the Year 5 curriculum, which are listed below.

Class spellings for the week are:

doubt columnlambdebtthumb



Task 1

Sort the words into groups depending on which is the silent letter.


Task 2

Use a dictionary and write the meaning of each word. Is there more than one meaning for any of the words?


Task 3

Write each word in a sentence of your own, to show you understand the meaning. Challenge:

Can you use the words in sentences to tell a story?

Can you use more than one of the words in a sentence that makes sense?



TTROCKSTARS- spend 15 mins a day at least practising your times tables.


In class we are working on reading, writing and representing numbers to 1,000,000

so you can practise these by going on:

PURPLE MASH-  go to the Maths section/place value


Go to the 9-11 year old section and work your way through the activities.

You can got to the 7-9 if you find that section a bit tricky and work up to it.

Spend about 15-20 minutes on this.


Top Marks -Daily Ten

you can choose to practise a wide variety of different things on this game. choose to solve in a set time, choose your level. Spend about 15 minutes doing this.