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At Puss Bank School, French is taught at KS2 to excite learners about the possibilities that arise from being able to speak another language.  Our young linguists therefore develop aspirations beyond their own community and begin to identify themselves as future global citizens.  
Children are immersed in engaging and interactive lessons which promote an enjoyment of the subject.  Through making connections between languages that children already speak and the French they learn, pupils enrich their knowledge about language and develop metacognitive skills. 
Our French curriculum fosters a breadth and depth of language acquisition through building knowledge across key strands. This exposure provides a secure foundation from which our pupils can progress confidently to the secondary curriculum.   


We begin to teach French formally at KS2, when children participate in a weekly timetabled French lesson. Lessons are based on the Brilliant Publications “Luc et Sophie” scheme of work, which links strongly to the National Curriculum and incorporates a short story within each unit so that children experience the target language in context and also linking with our school reading ethos. French is taught as a discrete subject and we follow the sequence of units from the scheme, to ensure a progressive sequence of vocabulary, skills and knowledge.  

Each lesson, the children will have the opportunity to recap known vocabulary, learn new vocabulary, practise spoken French with a partner and build their awareness of sounds and language patterns. As the children progress through the school, they also develop their ability to read and write in French. Lessons are interactive, engaging and fun, incorporating mind friendly learning techniques, songs and games. Outside of the French lesson, class teachers reinforce basics such as numbers, days of the week, greetings and simple instructions.



French Curriculum Overview