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Year 4

Miss Mason -

Mr Loxham  -   


Miss Mason and Mr Loxham are very proud of each and everyone of you. (and your parents!)

Remember 'Teamwork makes the Dreamwork'

How to stay safe online:

Home Learning Week Beginning 5th July 2021.

This work is for any child self-isolating at home

(if they are not poorly themselves).

Please email class teacher if need other task. 



1 - Can you remember any facts about bees? Design a poster and include your interesting facts.


2 - Use your poster to write a non-chronological report. 

What is your title? Buzzing Bees? All about bees ..

What are your subheadings? What do bees look like? Where do they live? ...

How are you going to end your report? 


3 - Can you make a bug hotel? How can you attract more bees to your garden?



1 - Daily TT rockstars - use this time to learn ALL your times tables. Make a poster, flashcard to help you.


Have ago at some of these science experiments. 


Science Experiments

Home Learning Activities

From 11 January, our main platform for Home Learning will be Microsoft Teams.


You have been sent your individual 'Teams' usernames and passwords please check that they are working and if any issues use the emails above.

Thank you for attending Thursday and Fridays Live Meets!



If you have no accessible computer or printer you can pick up a pick up pack from the main office at school. This is a very basic word document informing you of all the activities that have been planned this week. 


Use your TT Rockstar's login to practice your timetables.

If you enjoyed the story about the Hope-a-potomus then you could buy this book which is a collection of hopeful stories!  Amazon currently selling at £10.51 or kindle version £6.36.

Reading is essential! Lots of reading! Read for pleasure, read to someone aloud and have someone read to you. 


  Why  not read a book on Oxford Owls or Epic.



Reading Challenge

Here at Puss Bank School, we also love to promote reading for pleasure! So reading for homework every day is also encouraged. Find a cosy, comfy place to read, read, read! We know you will read your book banded books as well as books by your favourite authors but why not try our reading challenge so that you can enjoy lots of different types of reading? Can you complete all of the tasks before Half Term? Use the reading challenge sheet below at home to inspire you to read more widely. We'd love to see what you get up to in your organiser. Try one new challenge each week.


Read several picture books by the same author. 

Talk about what they have in common and what is different.

Use a description of a character or a place from a chapter book. Pick out the details and draw the character or place as you imagine it.

Write a book review.


Look at the recommended reading lists for Year 3 and 4. (Link on the Y4 webpage.)

How many of these have you read?

Select some books from these lists to read .

Read some poems.

Compare them.

How are they similar and different. Can you find a favourite poem and learn some of it?

Read to find out more about one of our topics in school.

We are learning about rocks and fossils in Science and Stone Age to Iron Age in History.

Read a joke book and see how many people you can make laugh.

Tell us your best joke in class.

Read a book that was BRILLIANT?

Prepare a book advert to share in class. This means you would tell us all a bit about it and why WE should read the book!

Collect new and interesting words when you are reading.

Share an amazing word with us in class.

Is there a place you dream of visiting ? Find a book, leaflet or website about it and read all about this place.

Explore an atlas. Find places you have connections with or would like to travel.

Learn how to use the index to find different places.

Make a story map of a book you enjoyed, showing the key events in sequence.

Find out about your favourite author from their website. Maybe even write to them ! You can do this by finding the address of their publisher. Some authors send a letter back.

Use your toys to act out a story you have read (or part of a story) like a movie. Make sure you do the voices!

Read a book about a famous or important person who you are interested in.  It could be someone living today or someone from History.

Read and use some instructions that tell you have to make or cook something .