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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5! 

We hope that you have all had a brilliant summer and are looking forward to being in Year 5. We are really looking forward to welcoming you back. To begin with, we will focus on class building activities so that we can establish positive relationships as we return to school. This will help get the year off to a super start.

Mrs Walker, Mrs Hammond and Mrs Smith

Curriculum News

Read the document below to find out more about what's in store for Year 5 during the Autumn Term.



Home Learning for Year 5 - Week Beginning 19.10.20

This work is for any child who is absent from school.


English Task 1-  Spelling

Use the word lists below to study the -sure and -ture suffix at the end of words. Can you spell these words correctly? Have a go at writing a short paragraph using as many of them as you can.


measure pleasure treasure leisure closure
exposure pressure insure assure enclosure


adventure capture culture departure feature
fixture feature furniture future picture



English Task 2- Inspirational People

Create a collage of some inspirational people who have influenced how we live on planet Earth in a good way. Who do you know about? What have they done?

How have they helped to ensure that we live in a way that respects the people, places, animals or plants on Earth?

There are some great resources on BBC Newsround website for this if you search in the Black History Month articles.


English Task 3- Create a postcard about Planet Earth.

Think about the wonderful diversity that we have on planet Earth in terms of all the people, places, animals and plants that there are. Write a note to Planet Earth with your vision of what we (as its citizens) should do to ensure that the future is positive. Write your inspirational message around an image of Earth.


Maths Task 1: Rounding

Round these numbers to the nearest 100.






What number could you have started with?

Number Nearest 10 Nearest 100 Nearest 1000
  2520 2500 3000
  3730 3700 4000
  8930 8900 9000
  12670 12700 13000


Maths task 2:  Rounding with larger numbers.

What are the smallest and largest numbers that could have given these answers?

Number Rounded to the nearest 1,000 Rounded to the nearest 10,000
  9,000 10,000
  27,000 30,000


Maths Task 3: Multiplication Facts

Revise your multiplication fact recall. You can use flashcards, speed writes, get an adult to quiz you, and use Purple Mash and TT Rockstars to improve your rock star status. How much can you improve?



Design a poster that encourages children your age how to keep themselves safe online using the SMART guidance below.