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Year 5

Summer Term B- the countdown to Year 6!!!


Welcome back to school! We have been so lucky with lovely weather for the half term holidays. We really hope it continues for the rest of Year 5!


  This term we will be getting ready for your move to Y6 and having lots of fun in the process!

 You can share any work via the email addresses above. Thank you.


Mrs Hammond and Mrs Walker Email Address:


Mrs Smith Email Address:


Home Learning Week Beginning 12.7.21

The work below has been prepared if you find yourself at home, having to isolate. It is uploaded on a weekly basis. We have provided 5 English and Maths activities, with the intention that you have a go at one each day. At the end, there are some suggestions for activities which match to the wider curriculum and of course you are welcome to use Purple Mash or TTrockstars to keep skills sharp.


Task 1 Spooky Spellings

Use the following website to practise the individual spellings you have been learning this year. Choose a different 'book' each day to focus on. Play for about 10 mins daily.


Task 2 Study the image and story starter below and answer the comprehension questions that follow:

The Magic Globe


Story starter:

“Hmmm. Where shall we go this time?” Jeremy asked his brother.

“How about there!?” replied Max excitedly. “We’ve always talked about going there!”

The brothers both put their fingers on the part of the world they had chosen, and waited for the magic to happen.

“I wonder if it will be as fun as our last trip,” mused Jeremy, as the globe began to glow…


Question time!

In what way is the globe magical?

Where do you think the brothers have pointed to?

Why is the globe glowing?

What will happen next?

What do we know about their last adventure?

What do you think will happen this time?

How will they return home, do you think?

Which of the brothers is Max?

Who is in charge on their adventure?

If you had a magic globe, where would you go first?


Task 3

Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture of where the boys have ended up after the magic has happened? Make a story plan using your ideas: Where do they go? Why? What happens/goes wrong? How is the problem solved? How do they get back home and how are they feeling after this adventure?

Task 4: Story opener

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help up level and improve them to make a much better story opener? Try to include some dialogue if you can.

The boys talked. The light was off in their room. They put their fingers on the globe. Something happened.


Task 5: Story challenge:

Write the rest of the adventure story that the boys have. Illustrate each 'section' of the story if you want. Remember to use interesting sentences and a range of punctuation. Include important bits of dialogue too!



Task 1- Multiplication:

Use TTRockstars to revise your multiplication and division facts to 12 x 12 and beyond!


Task 2 Adding Fractions


Task 3 - Year 5 Fractions




Task 4  - Multiplication 

Use the following digits: 2  8  7 3 6

Create 5 different multiplication questions using all the digit cards to practise using the written methods you have learned about, e.g. 2763 x 8,

or for a real challenge HTO X TO so 368 x 27. Predict which will have the largest answer and work them out. Use a calculator to check when you have finished.


Task 5 - Division - Using the same digit cards as before, create 5 division questions to attempt, e.g. 8627 ÷ 3.  As an extra challenge, score points according to the remainder left at the end. See if you can score more than 20 with 5 questions.


Wider Curriculum:

DT - Can you thread a needle and learn to sew a running stitch, a back stitch and a decorative stitch such as blanket stitch? You could cut your initial out of one scrap piece of fabric and sew it to another scrap piece to have a go. This will definitely make it easier when sewing your cushion cover together.

R.E. What can you discover about the celebration of Diwali? Present your research in a creative, colourful and informative way.

Science/Art. Create some observational sketched of some flowering plants such as lilies, tulips etc. Research what the different parts of a flower are and label the sketch you draw, e.g. petal, sepal, stigma, style, stamen, anther, ovary

P.E. Keep your body and mind active with a P.E. workout. Are you still able to keep up with Joe Wicks?

Read for Pleasure - Take advantage of being able to read outdoors if you can!

Don't forget that you also have Purple Mash and TTrockstars to enjoy and watching the latest episode of Newsround is always informative!