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Summer Term

This page starts with KS1 please scroll down for KS2.



Summer Term



This term we are hoping to have lots of fun while expanding our knowledge in many areas.



During this first half term we will be working on fractions, focusing on ½ and 1/4.  In the second half term we will move on to looking at shape, starting with 2D shapes and then progressing to naming some of our 3D shapes. We will also put a range of objects in order by size or weight.



We will build on our letter formation work and start to write sentences describing pictures, focusing on ensuring the sentence begins with a capital letter and uses proper punctuation at the end.  We will continue to work on the routine of sensory story on a Wednesday, sequence the story on Thursday and colourful semantics on Friday.  Colourful semantics will also feed into our writing sentences work in the beginning of the week.



We will continue working on our balancing skills in our hall sessions and will also begin to work on skipping and jumping.  As we continue to build our yoga skills, pupils will gain independence in choosing the order of their programme.  Our seated dance helps us to cross our midline and maintain our core strength, not slouching during our moves.  In the second half term we will be participating in the whole school sports week and Mr Hine has done a fantastic job of securing us some wonderful activities.



During this half term we will work on taking turns and playing games, following the rules of a game and working on emotional regulation if we do not win.  In the second half term we will be working on ‘pants are private’ and hygiene routines.  We will be using the intervention Attention Autism every day this term and aim to move on to stage 2 and 3.  This intervention aims to increase joint attention within an activity, and it has proved very popular with the children so far.


Expressive Arts:

We will be making a range of objects using chosen materials and pupils will be able to show preference for certain textures and colours.  We will design our own version of objects this half term e.g a bus in week 2 after looking at the Naughty Bus.  In the second half term we will look at sculpture and structures, and use wire and tin foil to create fantastic sculptures for you to admire.


Understanding of the World:

We will explore materials and the natural environment and investigate any changes. We will ask who lives in a certain environment and why they live there. We will continue to work on our circuit building to enable pupils to see a change in what happens when it is all connected. In the second half term, we will look at ‘Me and my family’ and people important to us (we will be asking for photos for this topic).  

We will be using ICT within a range of activities with the aim of pupils demonstrating increased confidence when navigating the IWB, tablet or laptop.  


Summer Term





We will focus on fractions and shapes this term. We will begin with ½ and ¼, then introduce 1/3 and 1/5.  We will then move on to equivalent fractions.  In the second half term, we will look at shape.  After ensuring pupils are secure in naming the 2D shapes and their properties, we will progress to 3D shapes and learn to identify their key features.



In the first half term we will focus on SPAG - spellings will be given out every Monday and tested on Friday. We will use colourful semantics to work on our sentence structure, beginning with identifying the ‘who, doing, what and where’.  We will then begin to add detail with adjectives to create more exciting sentences.  We will encourage older pupils to consider their use of synonyms to create even more interest and creativity within their writing.  In the second half term, we will work on comprehension, and pupils will read a short text and then answer questions on it. This ties in with the whole school VIPERS approach and pupils will be encouraged to look up vocabulary they do not know, retrieve information from the text and some pupils will be expected to predict or explain elements of the text.



We will study the environment of a Rainforest, considering what might live there and why. We will also learn about the different layers of the rainforest and the reasons for why creatures live in a certain layer. We will investigate the effects of what lives in each layer on the rainforest.  We will be conducting lots of sensory work by growing our own rainforest in a jar and watching what happens over time.  Our finger gym activities will be based on planting and growing our own sunflowers, cress and beans.



We will look at the immediate environment of our school and pupils will create their own map of the school with older pupils encouraged to create a coordinate grid for their map.  Pupils will then progress to looking at Macclesfield, working on their map reading skills and making use of digital maps to navigate where we are in England and the UK.  This will be a very interactive unit starting with pupils walking the grounds of the school and taking pictures in preparation for creating their map.



We will focus on developing our drawing and pencil skills during this half term, with exciting lessons involving shadow drawing and movement Art.



During the first half term our focus is on tennis, as pupils develop the hand- eye coordination they used in golf.  Pupils will bounce the ball to familiarise themselves with the racket and weight of the ball before passing to a partner and then we will introduce the net.  Year 5 and 6 pupils will take part in catch up swimming lessons on Friday and the Year 5 pupils will also be attending swimming on a Tuesday afternoon.  In the second half term we will be participating in the whole school sports week and Mr Hine has done a fantastic job of securing us some wonderful activities.



We will work on keeping safe online, encouraging pupils to think about security and strangers on the internet.  We will discuss friend requests and discuss what a friend is, as well as taking pupils through safe strangers e.g. police, doctors and vets who help us when we are in trouble.


In this final term Year 6 will participate in a number of exciting events including a leavers assembly, a play and a disco.  


We are looking forward to a fun filled term of learning as we head to the Summer Holidays!


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