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Year 6

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Home Learning for Year 6



This our last week before the Easter break, you have all worked so hard Year 6 smiley If you are unable to be in school due to isolating please find work to complete below. You can email it to Miss Cross or Miss Farrow.  


"Always remember you matter, you're important and you are loved, and you bring to this world things no one else can."


The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse

by Charlie Mackesy





Task 1: Spellings

We are looking at plurals.

  1. Write out 10 nouns
  2. Make each of them plurals (more than one)
  3. Check your spellings in a dictionary
  4. Write 10 sentences using your words as plurals
  5. REMEMBER: apostrophes are not used for plurals only when it is a possessive plural e.g. girls’ toilets.




Task 2

Read the story starter (about the above picture) and answer the questions:

On the prowl

These two superheroes had had a lifetime of saving lives. Day after day, they had battled the streets fighting crime and protecting innocent people from the clutches of evil

Now, their lives were slightly less busy, as they left saving the world to younger superheroes. However, they still had the energy for one last mission. The phone began to ring...


V: What does the word ‘prowl’ mean? What does it suggest the tigers are doing?

I: What time of day is it in the picture?

    Why is only one tiger drinking from the pool?

P: Why do you think they are superheroes?

Where will they go once they have finished drinking?

E: Why are they ‘on the prowl’ together?

     How do you feel about the fact that some tigers live in captivity?

     Where in the world would you find tigers? What is their natural habitat?

R: What do the tigers do?


Task 3

Sentence challenge!

  1. Make a list of all the different colours you can see in the picture. Can you write a paragraph to describe the scene in the picture, using lots of these colours?
  2. Can you then replace all of the colours you have used with alternative words for those colours? E.g. sapphire instead of blue. Emerald instead of green. Charcoal instead of black.

What effect does this have on your writing?


Task 4

Perfect picture!

Imagine you can read a tiger’s thoughts. Can you draw what might be in each of the tigers’ heads? What are they thinking about?


Task 5

Up levelling

These sentences are ‘boring’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The tiger drank from the pool. It was big and orange. It had stripes. It held its body close to the ground as it drank.                                                          





1. Go on TT RockStars or the Multiplication game on Purple Mash 


2.A school has 652 pupils and 40 members of staff. If a bus can transport 52 people, how many buses are need for the whole school to visit the seaside?


3. Can you solve the following calculations using the most efficient method?



161 ÷ 23 =


651 ÷ 31 =


862 ÷ 33 =

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READ, READ, READ AND READ SOME MORE. Remember at Puss Bank we are trying to read aloud 500 books and maybe 500 more. Record your book on the footprint on the class pages or draw your own footprint and email it to your class teacher.



Brilliant for songs, exercise and mindfulness.

Recommended by the wonderful Mrs Allen are “Go bananas” and “Feel it still.”


Be Safe Online! 


The website link below has some useful advice to help you stay safe online. Why not have a look?