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Mental Health and Well Being

How many of the kindness challenges can you complete?? 
Let your teachers know if you manage to complete any- you can email them to tell them!

Mental Health Awareness Week

Introducing the Mental Health Ambassadors from Y6- Krystal, Lucas, Betsy and Oscar

The members of the Mental Health and Well Being team are:


Y6- Betsy, Krystal, Oscar and Lucas


Y5- Ava, Matthew, Anna and Freddie


Y4- Isla and Evan


Teachers- Mrs Smith and Mr Cooper 



The Mental Health team are part of a project at Tytherington High School, they receive training on how to be our Mental Health Ambassadors


Mrs Smith and Mr Cooper are both trained as Mental Health First Aiders.

We believe we are well on our way to being able to help anyone in our school community who seeks help, if they need it. 

5 steps to Mental Health and Well Being

If we consider the following 5 things we can help ourselves to look after our mental health.



Connect with people


When we talk to people, and share how we feel we often feel better. Sometimes it can take more than one attempt to talk to feel better but don't give up.


Some of the following things we do at Puss Bank School to help people connect are:


Greeting each other when we first see each other on the morning- your teacher will try to say hello to everyone as you come into class in the morning.


We have Playground Friends who are on the playground at playtime who will set up games for you to join in with.


We encourage everyone to say thank you when someone does something kind. e.g holding the door open for you or in class when someone passes pencils or books to you.


At play times, the adults on the playground are there to make you feel safe and happy. You can talk to any of them if you have a problem - if they see that you are upset they will ask you can they help you.


In lots of classrooms, there are worry monsters or question boxes where you can leave messages for your teachers- they will get back to you and help you.


Mr Cooper has a box in KS2 in the library, and in KS1 the box is on the wall near Mr Branskey's room.