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Year 2

Home Learning Week Beginning 28th September 2020

This work is for any child who is absent from school.


We are adding 3 one-digit numbers that total 10 or less. We are using pictures to write our own calculations and putting these into cherry models and tens frames.

For example, we will draw 3 bananas, 2 oranges and 4 apples and write 3 + 2 + 4 = 9. The children will be using stem sentences to say: 'There are 3, 2 and 4. Altogether there are 9.'

See attached PowerPoint for some ideas.



We are starting our three week unit on fairy tales. We will be reading: The Three Little Pigs, Rumpelstiltskin and The Gingerbread Man. Then we will be discussing the plot, characters and structure of each story. We will be looking at the similarities and differences between each one.

We will be using story mountains to map out the plot of each story in the correct order. The children will be sequencing each story correctly by drawing each section and then adding key words around their pictures.


We are re-visiting phase 5 sounds - see below.

Check if your child can read these sounds and apply in words and in a sentence.

e.g. aw - paw, knaw, straw, yawn, drawer.

       ue (oo) - glue, blue, clue, true.

       wh - when, what, where, why, white, whisper.

       ue (you) - due, venue, statue, continue, argue, value.

We will also be focussing on some phase 4 tricky words:

little, one, there, where.

The children will be reading these words and applying them in their writing.


It is really important that you are able to communicate with us when necessary. We are always happy to discuss any questions, queries or worries! Due to the current situation, we ask that this is done via class emails or through an agreed telephone call. Please note that class emails won't be monitored throughout the school day and so any urgent messages need to be sent via the office as usual.

Thank you.

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