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Year 1

Welcome Back 

 Hello. We are really looking forward to welcoming children in Year 1 back to school.   It will be great spending time getting to know them and familiarising them again with school life! We know that it is so important that we all feel happy and safe in school so this will be an important focus as we start our journey into Year 1.  If you need to ask us anything, please feel free to send us an e-mail, as we are teaching all day, you may not get a response the same day but we will respond as quickly as possible.  

Thankyou for your support

Mr Branskey and Mrs Plummer



Home Learning Week Beginning 19th October 2020

This work is for any child who is absent from school.


Using the part whole model below can you find different ways of splitting (partitioning) the whole into parts - use resources in your home e.g Lego, pieces of dry pasta, etc

eg. if the whole is 5 you can split it into 

1 and 4, 

2 and 3, 

3 and 2

4 and 1


Can you do this with a different number for the whole?

Can you work in order to make sure you have found all the different ways?




Now you are an expert at splitting the whole into parts can you combine parts to make the whole. 


2 is a part

1 is a part 


The whole is ______?



This week we are continuing to look at bikes. First have a go at writing words with the ai sound.  Use the sheet below, then put the words into simple sentences with a capital letter and full stop.


Now look at the PowerPoint below.  Where would you like to go for a bike ride?  Write a few sentences to show where you would go (like the on shown in the example).


This week we be revising phase 3 sounds and reading and writing phase 4 sounds. Use the grids below to support this. 


We are looking at how everyday objects have developed and improved in their designs over time. This week we will be looking at everyday objects and how they have changed over time.  Have a go at the sorting activity below.


Talk about the different seasons and then complete the sheet below for Autumn.  


Look at the PowerPoint about Andy Goldsworthy to help you to design your own art using stones, conkers, leaves, acorns, or any other natural materials.

Curriculum Leaflet


Science - In Science we will be looking at our senses and how these are used to help us to understand the world around us.

History -  In history we will study everyday objects and see how they have changed and developed over the last 100 years.

Art - We will look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy and use his ideas to create our own artwork.

Music - We will use percussion instruments to create simple pieces of music.



Please try and read regularly with your child using books you have, the ones provided by school or on-line resources e.g. Oxford Owl.



Don't Forget Hand Washing 

Below are a few helpful ideas to support washing hands properly.