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Year 1

We are looking forward to the summer term in Year 1 from Mr Branskey and Miss Williams



In Year 1 reading is very important, so please remember to hear your child read their reading book 5 times a week. 


We are starting this half term looking at instructional writing and will write a simple set of instructions to make toast.  We will then read Owl Babies and focus our writing based on this story. 



We are learning about addition and subtraction and number bonds to 10.  How many different ways can we make 10?

What addition and subtraction facts can you write?  We will then move onto to look at numbers between 10 and 20.


In science we are studying animals.  Thanks for all your fabulous pets photos.  If you have not yet sent one then you can email them to

We will be looking at sorting and grouping animals thinking about scientific vocabulary e.g. carnivore, herbivore, reptile, bird, etc.




At Puss Bank School and Nursery, we use the phonic scheme Little Wandle Revised Letters and Sounds to teach phonics. 

Please follow the link here to gain access to the Little Wandle Parent Information section on their website.


We are recapping all Phase 5 sounds and also looking at how to read alien words e.g. splaw  shaig,  kear,  gabe  etc.


Tricky words

Practise reading: people, called,  they,  said,  what,  today,  here, would


Phase 3

This Phase 3 sounds taught in Reception Spring 1 video is designed to be shared with families to help them support the learning at home.

Our Personal, Social, Health and Economic development remains a key part of our everyday learning as well as specific learning.


We are exploring our new strategy for self-regulation and behaviour - ZONES of Regulation.

PE is on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please make sure earrings are out and you have your PE kits in school.





We are using computer software to program it to follow simple instructions e.g. move the rocket up 3 spaces and then across 2 spaces.




At Puss Bank, we believe learning to read is the gateway to all learning. 

All children will their reading book weekly, after having read it with their teacher 3 times. They will need to practise reading this book between 3-5 times a week to read it without sounding and with fluency and understanding of vocabulary and story/topic. There will be information in the organiser about the focuses for reading - sounds, words and understanding.


Play-based Learning

We will continue to practise our learning through carefully planned play based continuous provision.


Mr Branskey's Email Address: