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Year 1

Mr Branskey's Email Address:


Mrs Plummer's Email Address:

Summer Term

 We continue to be thankful for all your support especially with reading at home.


Many thanks,

Mr Branskey and Mrs Plummer


 As always if you have any questions please e-mail us using the class email addresses.


Below are the lessons and information for all children who need to be isolating at home for the week of the 12th July 2021.



Look at the sheets below to find out about this weeks maths work.  


For the last few weeks we have been looking at the story of the Tiger who came to Tea.  This week we will look at where tigers come from and research other aspects to do with India.  See the sheet below and PowerPoint.


We have been looking at sound families. 


Paw       raw          saw        straw          claw       draw    yawn


August     Autumn       haunted      Paula        Astronaut 


coin        join         point         oil      soil      boil      foil 


glue          blue          true         argue       tissue   statue


stew             flew           blew        knew      dew     pew   


Prune         June         dune       cube      tube     costume     


food        zoom          root           boot        hoot


toy          royal         loyal            boy        annoy      



Also have a go at reading and spelling tricky words.


people        come      friend      called      Mr       by     their         


This week we are continuing to learn about George Stephenson - but thinking about how his invention impacted on the world, answering the question how significant was he?


We are looking at plants.  Last we looked at potatoes and what they need to help them grow well.  Can the children name different plants we eat and identify what parts of the plant they are e.g. root - carrots,  stem - celery,  fruit  - apple, leaves - lettuce   


Please try and read regularly with your child using books you have, the ones provided by school or on-line resources e.g. Oxford Owl.



Don't Forget Hand Washing 

Below are a few helpful ideas to support washing hands properly.