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Year 1

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Spring Term

 We hope you are all managing with the current situation we find ourselves in.  As you know, we have now moved to online learning. The best place to find your child's school work is in the files section of our teams group. This will be updated daily with the correct resources. Each day will consist of some live meetings on teams and some independent activities. In the short term, we will continue to put the activities here on the class page in case you are struggling to access teams. Please let us know if that is the case.  If you do not have a printer or are struggling with computer access then you can also obtain a printed pack each week from the school office.

Many thanks,

Mr Branskey and Mrs Plummer


 As always if you have any questions please e-mail us using the class email addresses.


Home Learning Week Beginning 18th January  2021



This week we will carry out an investigation into odd and even numbers.  We will then look at working systematically to find all the numbers that can be added together to equal 8.  We will repeat this for other numbers up to 10.


This week we are looking at the story of Don't Hog the Hedge.  See below.



On Monday we are going to write about woodland creatures.

On Tuesday we will draw and describe Hattie the Hedgehog - the main character from the story.

On Wednesday we will sequence the story, remembering the main parts.

Use the resources below to support these lessons

At the end of the week we will look at alliteration.  Come up with your own animal, what it is doing and where it is e.g. Percy Penguin painting at the North Pole.


This week we will be looking at phase 5 sounds. Try reading and writing the words below. 


June          tune          prune      flume       rule 


Cube        tube        huge     costume    mute


paw          raw         straw          jaw       claw     lawn


autumn          August        haunt       sauce        launch


Also have a go at reading and spelling tricky words.


house         come      Mr      said       he       their     people         


Use Google Earth to look at our local area from above.  Then look at the PowerPoint to see an aerial photograph.  How many different features can you identify and can you name them as Human or Physical features?


Design Technology

After last weeks lesson - use the sheet below to design your own house.


Please try and read regularly with your child using books you have, the ones provided by school or on-line resources e.g. Oxford Owl.



Don't Forget Hand Washing 

Below are a few helpful ideas to support washing hands properly.