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Year 3

Happy Summer Holidays


The end of term is finally upon us and we would like to say a huge well done to all our brilliant, funny, wise , creative, sporty, kind, reflective, enthusiastic, resilient, independent and unique pupils.

In spite of the continued challenges that the whole world is facing,  we have had a terrific year which has proven that Puss Bank School is about so much more than the curriculum. We have been a brilliant Year 3 family!


Go and have a well-deserved rest and we will see you in September.   


Mrs Allen, Mrs Lancaster,  Mrs Mallet and Mrs Pope.



Many hearts make a school.

Photo Challenge

Year 3 Sports Day

Meet the Year 3 team


Mrs Allen teaches 3A (covered by Mrs Lancaster on a Thursday).

Mrs Mallett and Mrs Pope will be teaching 3GM. 

T.A. Mrs Bailey will be with Y3 to teach R.E. on a Monday afternoon.



Mrs Allen's Email Address:


Mrs Mallett and Mrs Pope's Email Address:

Home Learning for Absentees


If your child cannot attend school because they are waiting for a COVID test, or if they are well but are required to be in quarantine , here is the work they should do at home. 





Homework will continue to be set on a  Friday to be completed by the following  Wednesday


We will now be posting our homework on Teams, on the Homework channel of each class. Please let the class teacher know if this presents a problem for you. 






In addition to any other homework tasks, please continue frequently with...

  • Reading (see guidance below) 
  • Learning  of times tables
  • Letter formation practice. (See guide below.)
  • Word processing skills, using BBC Dancemat Typing.








Handwriting Guidance


Please use lined paper and  a sharp pencil whenever practising handwriting.

Work on the use of spacing between words and keeping letters on the lines. 

If you reverse letters like d and b and p and q,  spend time on these. 



*Practise individual letter shapes, with a focus on those you find trickier to form.


*Letter r causes particular difficulties, so perhaps practise some joins from letter r (ra , ro, re, rd, rt). 

Letter r always joins on to the next letter from  the top , never from the bottom.


*Letter i is often formed in a way that is too tall. Practise forming letter i with the correct height. (Shorter than l, t, h, b. )






1. Practise 4x  and 8 tables.

Do a little, but often. 


Think You've Got it ?

You could test your speed using:






Please ensure that your child brings completed books back to school to change! 

Read at least 3 times per week.

Record in the blue organiser. 

Adults can record what a child has read to them but children can record their own thoughts and opinions about their books too. 


Read for pleasure, for information,  read to someone aloud and have someone read to you.  Read  school reading book and books from home.  

Why  not read a book on Oxford Owls or Epic?                    




Touch typing

This skill will significantly improve the children's ability to be successful with their school computing curriculum.


Use BBC DancematTyping:

(Click image.)


Or, on Purple Mash, use the following app.

(Click image.)




Our History topic this term is, "Ancient Egypt."  We will also be exploring


learning about forces in Science, as well as continuing with our weekly Yoga sessions. In Computing we will be learning about spreadsheets. 


We are hoping to show you what we have been learning whilst in school through our own gallery.


Let us know what you think angel

How to stay safe online:

                                                                      Useful  Weblinks



For practice of addition and subtraction facts.:


Choose Maths Games, then addition and subtraction .

Choose any game that you wish to, but make sure it is not too hard or too easy!


Choose the number bonds option.

Top Marks has some other addition and subtraction games, that you may wish to explore.


On the home page, choose addition and subtraction.

Select Jetpack Maths Addition or Archery Arithmetic Subtraction.

Both games have a menu to select which skills you want to practice. Most pupils should select three digit numbers + /- ones.  If this is too tricky, there are a range of other skills to practise.





Parents need to subscribe but you can do so for free. If you enter children's spelling words they will be able to practise them in a variety of ways. This is also available as an app. 

Available as an app - again, an adult needs to  enters the child's spelling word list before they start.

This site has practice and test activities for Y3 spelling rules and the statutory Y3/4words  that follow no particular pattern. (Spelling Bee words.)